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The Black Collars

Pro riders lead demanding lives—contests, results, fanfare, outdoing what couldn’t be done. Historically putting it on the line, time and time again. And it can be fleeting—who pulled what trick where, stomped this, won that. Sponsorship based on numbers.

So rather than follow some numbers-based format: (Wins x Followers x Sponsorship) / Profit, we’re introducing the Evil Black Collars—pros that love riding, pushing it just as hard—or harder, and aren't forgetting about the good times either. These guys aren't just clocking in on the regular 9-5 grind, when the work day is done it's all about putting in the overtime and chasing the shred.

These are hardworking riders, making it happen in order to keep pushing for perfection on and off the bike. Norbs is an electrician, Bubba works at a motocross precision metal fab shop, Paul is a full-time digger, and Mike works as a product designer for Trust Performance; they have day jobs. Soren gets a hall pass—he’s young enough to aspire to a driver’s license—and it’s easy to think Aggy may gallivant to contests, but he’s got more than a full-time job with us managing content, working on product development, dealer outreach, customer service, and bringing Evil to new markets.

So what does this mean—real riders, real work—it means they’ll also be here, working for us, and for you. Norbs may be an electrician during the day, but he’s also taking care of people on Evil’s customer service channels. Have a question? Ask—Insta, Facebook, phone, e-mail, whatever format—you just might be talking with one of the Black Collars, and you better believe they’ll give you an honest response. Was Aggy wary of hitting 90+ foot gaps at Dark Fest on a bike with 150mm rather than 200? Of course he was, and he mentioned it too. But, he was also surprised by the Insurgent LB’s capability, and he mentioned that too.

Hit them up. They’re hard working, doing it for the love, and here to get you on the right bike and answer your question with an honest, real response while chasing their own dreams and never forgetting the good times either.

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Evil Bikes Tech - Bolt On Axle
Graham Agassiz

"Riding has always been an escape for me—it’s grounded me, and I’m humbled to where it’s taken me over the last decade.

Growing up in Kamloops, I was surrounded by some of the best riding and riders in the world. You’re a product of your environment and I’ve always respected the local OG’s—Tippie, Wade, Schley, Hunter... I’m honored to leave my mark here with them and guide the next generation in doing the same.

Speaking of that, I’ve watched Soren grow into himself over the past few years and I see so much of myself in him when I was his age. He’s very talented and best of all, he’s in it for the right reasons. It feels good to pass down some knowledge tot him. He’s a good kid, and I’m excited for him to get his driver’s license soon! Haha.

Right now I’m spending time on both the Insurgent LB Park and the Following MB."

Follow Aggy on the 'gram: @gramanagassiz

Evil Bikes Tech - ISCG05 Mounts
Kyle Norbraten

"My roots stem through freeride mountain biking and revolve around exploring, imagining, and riding. The best expression of the connection between me and my bike and is on trails and natural lines that link rhythm and flow from top to bottom. That's the ultimate feeling for me.

I'm now into my third year of an electrical apprenticeship. This full-time job gives me stability and life skills outside of riding bikes, but allows me the flexibility to still chase my dreams. I'm able to stoke people and customers out who recognize me as an MTBer when I show up as their electrician. It's pretty funny and humbling.

When my preferred tools come out, the Offering is my go-to trail weapon at home. When I'm heading to Whistler, it's the Wreckoning Park LB. When I'm getting ready to drop into my dream line, it's the Insurgent Park LB. Different bikes but that same connection and ultimate feeling."

Follow me on the 'gram: @kylenorbraten

Evil Bikes Tech - Delta System
Paul Genovese

"I’ve always treated my riding as a creative outlet—the satisfaction of seeing progress and achieving things that I would have thought unattainable as a young’n is what keeps the fire going.

I'm happy to be part of the Black Collars because we all share a common vision free of gimmicks or egos, we have jobs and some are lucky enough to make a living, but we’re all just trying to share the stoke with friends and people we meet out there. And, I’m able to be a full-time digger too.

My main focus is freeriding and slopestyle so my go-to steeds are the Insurgent Park and Faction 2—looking forward to rad times ahead with the crew."

Follow me on the 'gram: @paulgenovese

Evil Bikes Tech - Downtube Protector
Mike Giese

"Most of all, I’m about sharing good times with good people and I am super thankful to have a career within the mountain bike industry that allows me to pursue creativity on two wheels. I am an Industrial Designer by trade—a product designer—and it’s really rewarding to ride product that you’ve designed from the ground up. I currently work for Trust Performance, heading their Industrial Design department.

I also enjoy all the small opportunities to help people within the MTB community—not always just giving away old bike parts to friends. Sometimes it’s going riding with someone new to the area. Or it can be acting as hype man to get your homie over that jump he’s been trying to hit, equally rewarding.

For bikes, I’m often on the Wreckoning LB and trail riding my Offering but the Following MB is perfect for the iStreet jumps in SLC. It’s quite the 29" quiver!"

Follow Mike on the ‘gram: @steezygiese765

Evil Bikes Tech - e13 Chainguide
Austin "Bubba" Warren

"Growing up as a racer and having an older brother made me a very competitive racer too. Racing is what I love and I’ll always be there for the challenge.

But for me, the most important part of shredding is getting to the bottom of the trail and seeing everyone just so stoked—feeling that energy, it’s so important.

I'm lucky enough to work with my dad at a precision metal fabrication shop in Lake Elsinore, California. We focus on motocross, and the crossover for moto and mountain is so similar. Riding with top motocross athletes teaches me so much bike control and in turn, I teach them timing without a motor, beneficial both ways.

For bikes, if I had to choose one, it’s the Offering—acceleration out of corners, jumping, and stiffness. I’m kind of a small guy, so I never thought I’d be able to turn a bike with wagon wheels—but Evil sure did make it easy and so much fun."

Follow Bubba on the 'gram: @bubba_warren

Evil Bikes Tech - Interated Chainguide
Soren Farenholtz

"I’m Soren Farenholtz from Kamloops, B.C., and love riding bikes.

What I enjoy most about riding is progressing and learning new tricks—being outdoors, sessions with buddies, just good times on the bike.

I love riding because it opens up a whole new world of opportunities: places to go, things to do, it makes you happy, and you truly become your own character.

I am most passionate about dirt jumping and slope style on my Faction 2 but enjoy riding my Insurgent LB park bike as well—good to stay fresh on both bikes. Keeps it fun!"

Follow Soren on the 'gram: @sorenfarenholtz